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About Us
The Legion of Little Souls is a Catholic movement founded in Chevremont, Belgium, by a Belgian housewife, now 86 years old. Discretion has obliged the Church to present her under a pseudonym: Marguerite. Its foundation is in the "Message of Merciful Love to Little Souls," a book in which under the impulse of mystical graces received from the Lord, Marguerite has recorded messages since 1965, under obedience to her spiritual director.

With its aim of making Jesus better known and loved, the Legion of Little Souls, through its English Speaking Philippine Chapter, has published GLOW a Catholic Magazine disseminating the Messages of the Lord filled with His merciful love in the spirit of littleness.

It is in this spirit of true littleness, that the conversations between Debbie and Man begun. It has since received tens of thousands of letters praising the simple, straightforward dialogue between the curious little girl and The Man.

The Legion of Little Souls, a lay organization, has since founded the Little Souls Sisters, a community of contemplative nuns, the Order of Little Souls of the Merciful Heart of Jesus.

The conversations between Debbie and Man will be published in book form for all to read. Individual episodes will be featured in this web site from time to time.

Please refer to the members section to know more about the people behind the Little Souls.