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Differences in character among human beings is quite common. How often does one observe diverse personalities, yet the best of friends. This happens all the time, among friends, relatives, brothers and sisters, even husbands and wives.
A Priest during his homily related a story in relation to the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation.
A couple married for many years, with grown up children, were near incompatibility. Not a day passed without an argument, often ending in the silent treatment.
This went on for years. Each year worsening the situation until finally the accusations and complaints about each other had reached such a level that there was downright unhappiness in the home. The husband would avoid coming home early to avoid incessant arguments, while the wife would ignore him totally to avoid further confrontations.
However, living in the same house still caused many irritations in the home, for much as they would try to avoid an argument, before they knew it were once again at each other.
The wife, complaining about the many faults of the husband, finally told him that she could no longer live with him because of his  character. The husband countered with his own complaints on their life together. The argument got so vicious that the wife, in tears, told her husband that if he really had any complaints about her, she had more reason to complain because of his many faults.
The husband, hurt by the accusations on his character, told his wife, if she had so many things against him, to write it all down. The wife laughed, saying that if she had to write down everything that was wrong with her husband it would fill up a long, long page.
In turn, the wife asked her husband, if he had any complaints about her, to write it all down, and they would see who had the longer page listing down the faults of the other.
They both sat down and began to write on a long pad paper. As she wrote down all her complaints, the wife was surprised to see that what she had to say about him, was much more than  a page it filled two pages!
Through with their writing, the wife victoriously told her husband that his faults filled up all of the two pages, not just one. Smiling, the husband asked her to give him the two pages. Arguing again as to who gets to read the complaints first, the wife asked the husband to give her his complaints first. The husband handed her four pages. Furious as to what his complaints would be, the wife snatched the pages angrily from his hands without giving him her two pages for surely she would still be able to add more complaints to outdo her husband's four pages.
As she opened the four pages, her  eyes grew wide, filled with emotion, she burst into tears, tore up her two flimsy pages of complaints, lovingly went to her husband and told him how sorry she was. 
What had the husband written that caused such a reaction from a previously hostile situation. What was in the four pages. Throughout the four pages, the husband had written one thing, over and over again. I love you, I love you, I love you....
Till next issue, GLOW!
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