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About Pieces of Dreams
We all dream. We dream dreams that cover most subjects in life, from the serious to the ridiculous, from sad ones to happy ones, from nightmares to inspiring ones. When we speak of dreams, we usually associate it with the unattainable. Pieces of Dreams is all about little stories, little things, really dreams that we dare to dream, or hope for in our waking moments. It is about little moments shared, that may inspire us to greater goals in the hope of attaining the unattainable, of hopes and aspirations that may happen, not only in dreams.
Copyright © 1988-2000, Luis Nepomuceno. All rights reserved.
Prayer support by the contemplative Little Souls Sisters of the Order of Little Souls of the Merciful Heart of Jesus.
Committed to the care of Mary, under the protection of Saint Joseph, of the Archangel Michael and of all our good angels.