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Freedom of Choice
DEBBIE: You are smiling, why are you happy, at this time.

MAN: It is the joy of seeing many visit and pray in churches during Lent.

DEBBIE: The church was full this morning, I knew you would like that... oh, oh... your hands bleeding again...

MAN: A price I must pay...

DEBBIE: Why the bleeding...

MAN: My child, it is for the multitudes who even at this time do not care, do not give me even a single moment of their time.

DEBBIE: How mean.

MAN: You will find that in this world, there are many things that keep people busy, no time for me.

DEBBIE: You mean, not a single thought, nothing?

MAN: Nothing. In others, it is not enough that they give me nothing of their time, but even go so far as to remove me from their homes, their schools, their hearts.

DEBBIE: Will it always be this way.

MAN: The adversary is busy keeping man away from me and he is quite successful with many who worship his ways rather than the burden of the cross.

DEBBIE: Is it heavy, the cross, I mean...

MAN: When I carried it, the whole world was on my shoulders. But for man, he only carries a sliver of the cross, and if that is too heavy, I am always ready to help lift this little burden he carries.

DEBBIE: You said that somewhere, that the burden would be light and the yoke easy...

MAN: Many people who suffer have not learned to suffer well. If they only knew what value their suffering means to me, if only they would offer it up to me.

DEBBIE: How does one suffer badly...

MAN: Many do not accept their suffering and go against it, often blaming others for their suffering, often blaming me, when all along they only have themselves to blame.

DEBBIE: You have nothing to do with the suffering of others?

MAN: My child, I am Love. What father will want his children to suffer. I would give gifts, I would give joy, I would give peace, not suffering.

DEBBIE: Why do we suffer.

MAN: As I have said before, suffering is a product of consorting with the adversary. When man takes the path of evil, the evil one has control over him and will exact his toll for the vain pleasures that man has accepted from him.

DEBBIE: Why do you allow this to happen.

MAN: I do many things for man, but I have also given man his freedom to choose of his own free will.

DEBBIE: What is the choice.

MAN: It is like a fork on the road, two paths to choose, the path of comforts and riches, or the way of the cross. Most choose the easy way and fall into the snares of the adversary.

DEBBIE: But it's hard to choose the cross.
MAN: Yes, but those who have chosen me have found to their joy that indeed, my burden is light after all, and have found true happiness in following my way, for it is the only way.

DEBBIE: Where does the other path lead.

MAN: That path appears easy at its opening, but as one goes farther, it becomes dark and is worse than the way of the cross.

DEBBIE: Is it all that way, I mean, are all paths always filled with difficulties.

MAN: I have never promised a life of ease in this world, but if you see what life is like in my home, you would immediately give up everything to attain coming home with me and my mother.

DEBBIE: The Sisters in school tell us that. They say everything is so beautiful up there that they gave up everything to go there someday.

MAN: Indeed, for what are a few moments, because that is what life is here below, nothing but less than a moment compared to the eternity that awaits everyone.

DEBBIE: Is it really beautiful up there.

MAN: It is, because nothing but goodness and love can dwell there. You will not experience anything but peace and joy, where no one is proud, where no one will take advantage of you, where hatred is inexistent. It is the perfection of the love of the Father for all.

DEBBIE: Why can't we know more about it. Maybe if people knew more about Heaven, they would work harder to become good and be able to live there someday.

MAN: There are many examples of Heaven here on earth.

DEBBIE: Really?

MAN: From the very beginning, there have always been people destined to go home to Heaven, their own country. These people are filled with goodness and love. In seeing or talking to them, you see and talk to me.

DEBBIE: How will I know when I am with someone who will be in Heaven.

MAN: You will know by the peace and joy that will descend upon you. You will know because you will feel a strong presence. Mine. For I will be in that person so powerfully that you will not miss it.

DEBBIE: Wow! I'll tell my mom.

MAN: Yes, tell her, and tell everyone. All must know what Heaven is like so that they may strive harder to attain it. To see more, look around you, Heaven is not lacking in many people here who live as one with me.

DEBBIE: If we want to be closer to Heaven, is there any particular group we should seek.

MAN: Yes.

DEBBIE: What group.

MAN: The little ones.

DEBBIE: Children...

MAN: And those with childlike qualities.

DEBBIE: Why children?

MAN: The innocence and the purity of children is unlike anything in this world. Children are truly heavenly. You wish to see Heaven, look at the smiles and the faces of little children. Their angelic expressions are truly heavenly.

DEBBIE: You mean Heaven is populated by little children.

MAN: No one who is not little may enter Heaven. All must attain the littleness of a child to enter the perfection that is Heaven.

DEBBIE: You mean all these great people cannot enter Heaven unless they first become like little children.

MAN: One must be little before becoming great and when one is truly great, you will find that that one is not wanting in littleness.

DEBBIE: I will try to always earn my littleness with your help.

MAN: As long as you have the determination to really try, you will easily earn your Heaven.

DEBBIE: I promise to try, will that ease your pain a little bit and stop your bleeding?

MAN: If you only knew how much comfort, one little one like you, who truly cares, can do to alleviate my suffering.

DEBBIE: Your hands, look... the bleeding... it stopped...

MAN: My dear child, you made it stop.

DEBBIE: I can do that?

MAN: Yes my little one, you can always do that.

DEBBIE: Oh, I will always love you I will I will I didn't know that a little nothing like me could have such an effect on you

MAN: Go now, my daughter, and remember not to underestimate the power of a little one over me. Continue in your way of littleness for you provide me so much comfort and relief from the pain that this world gives me.